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We are a full service Cylinder Racing Head porting, servicing, and repair shop, also specializing in racing and performance engine builds including Custom Cylinder heads, Intake manifolds, Camshafts, Pistons & Piston rings, and Oil pans for NHRA Top Fuel, Stock & Super Stock, All Drag Racing, Oval Track, Ecotec, Honda DOHC, Outlaw Street, Turbo & Supercharged Engines, Performance Street, Marine/Offshore Performance, Street Performance and Racing Harley Davidson Engines for over 30 years.

We are a high quality, full service Racing Engine shop with cylinder head and intake manifold porting, port welding, port epoxying and Undercover acid porting capabilities. We pride ourselves on being the most knowledgeable Racing Engine designer/builders in the area. We have an extensive line of custom camshaft designs specific to making the most power for your application. Custom pistons. Custom Oil Pans.




There is way more to Winning Racing Engine Components than just “Off the shelf parts”. Call or Text. You will not be disappointed. 231-740-5862. Continuous Research and Development is why our customers win!


Please contact us for more information or a quotation. Chris Hardy 231-740-5862 or email:

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